My Baby Gift Guide

Picking the perfect baby gift includes a few different factors that we may not consciously consider when buying , however we all love to get positive feedback from a new mum on your chosen baby gift. Queue pictures of baby looking adorable in you well chosen outfit ! Money well spent eh? So here is my quick guide on picking the perfect gift..

1. Consider the Season 

It's so easy to pick up that cute little knitted baby gift set in 6-9 months but baby certainly won't be kitted out in woollens come July so consider the season in your chosen older size so baby gets to sport it in season

2. Mixing Practical and Pretty

Picking the perfect baby gift consists of choosing something which will be practical but also you want them to look edible! So I always suggest adding booties or socks or a practical cardigan to finish off an outfit , something new mammies can mix and match with the rest of their tiny wardrobe! Practical gifts such as sleep bags are something a new baby will get great use of.

3.Think outside the box

Why not pick a sentimental baby gift that baby have forever, such as a vintage plush toy with Birth certificate- include new babies name and Date of Birth and Mum will more thank likely keep this for years to come as a nostalgic gift. 


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4. Consider a Gift Voucher

Why not encourage new parents to get out of the house and into our Kids store to spend their new baby gift card? They can spend it at their leisure and baby & parents can get some fresh air while at it- not to mention some adult conversation other than baby talk!