In a world of Technology , Why Children's Books & Story Time is so important..

We recently held our first Story Time in our Children's Store with a local Author Aine Murray Author " The pain in my Chest" a book relating to anxiety in children. We dimmed the lights , total silence, little ones sat on their floor cushions and Aine welcomed them to the world of a little girl who was finding it difficult to leave her Mam and try new activities without a pain creeping up in her chest. It is difficult for small children to articulate how they may be feeling so it was a lovely opportunity to explore that. It...

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My Tips on Flower Girl Dresses & Page Boy Looks!

Will you choose to be a Boho Bride? Traditional Bride? or perhaps a Minimal Bride? It is one of the biggest decisions in organising your wedding as it sets the tone for the remaining bridal party and the wedding ceremony itself. For instance if you are opting for a vintage/ Boho style Wedding Dress or venue, our Elfie London Collection will work perfectly for this look. With its whimsical beauty and old world charm, it is the perfect vintage look. The Elfie London Occasion Collection is effortlessly interchangeable so you can mix and match colours and styles and still stay...

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