Baby Shower Theme & Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Showers are fast becoming part of every pregnancy journey. Wether it's a cute safari theme or Soft neutral theme if baby's gender is not know- here is a few things to think of before throwing a baby shower for that special person in your life.

1. Think of a Group Baby Shower Gift Box or Baby Shower Basket

If feasible it might be easier and more practical to all club in for something special for your mum to be. This also eliminates guests arriving with the same gift ideas and receiving too much of one thing and not enough what your mum to be needs right now. Think a mixed Group gift of practical bits for baby and also maybe include a nice gift for mum herself such as a candle or anything self care related she will need it now more than ever!

2.Pick a Sentimental Baby Shower Gift

Think Special Gifts for Mum and Baby such as our baby record book to record everything from bump to birth and onward. Baby record books are a great way to keep note of all the little things that you will NEVER remember after a couple of month of sleep deprivation. I recently found my own child's bump to birth journal and it was lovely to read it to him- all the little things he did that you don't always remember in those first few months.

3.It's always a lovely idea for everyone to write their own personal message to the mum to be and new baby making mum feel supported and excited for her new arrival!

4.Baby Shower Ideas

When you are waddling and near the end of your pregnancy you want to feel good when showing up to your baby shower.. so why not treat mum to a wash and blow dry prior to the baby shower as part of your baby shower gift and part of her baby shower experience.

Baby showers are a lovely way for Mum to start her journey to motherhood . If you would like to hear more on our Baby Shower Gift Ideas please contact us- we can make our baby shower gifts personal for your Mum to Be.