In a world of Technology , Why Children's Books & Story Time is so important..

We recently held our first Story Time in our Children's Store with a local Author Aine Murray Author " The pain in my Chest" a book relating to anxiety in children. We dimmed the lights , total silence, little ones sat on their floor cushions and Aine welcomed them to the world of a little girl who was finding it difficult to leave her Mam and try new activities without a pain creeping up in her chest. It is difficult for small children to articulate how they may be feeling so it was a lovely opportunity to explore that.

It is becoming more and more difficult for children to switch off from screens and distractions. Life is becoming so fast paced, it is important that children are exposed to the world of books and imagination. I feel it is a wonderful thing that you bring with you throughout your life. I have always loved the idea of gifting a child with a book, addressed to them, with the date.( A nice keepsake also)

Our Children's Books all have a lesson/meaning to them. Story time is so important as it allows parents 10 minutes of uninterrupted one to one time at the end of the day ( normally hectic!) whilst helping their development.

Our Free Story time will continue In Store. Some of our Books for sale included Peter Rabbit & Julia Donaldson.

Happy Reading!

Pip & Pops